IOSI Laboratories

Linguistics Research Laboratory


Принцева Елена Олеговна - заведующий лингвистической лабораториейResearch area of the Laboratory: information technologies in the process of foreign language learning.

Head of the Laboratory: Printseva Elena Olegovna, research assistant


Research objective: the use of modern information technologies in teaching to expand opportunities for foreign language teachers in their work with students.

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Social Research Laboratory


Орлова Ольга Викторовна - заведующий лабораторией социологических исследованийHead of the Laboratory: Orlova Olga Viktorovna, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor. Since 1999 she is the Head of the Sociology Department of the Mari Research Institute of Language, Literature and History. Since 1984 till present on the ground of the Research Institute Sociology Department she holds opinion polls and supervises sociological research held in the Republic of Mari El. She takes part in scientific conferences and has a number of scientific publications.


Research area of the Laboratory: “Students’ electoral activity”.


Objective of the Laboratory: Implementation of research projects in the field of educational process both at the Institute, and in other educational institutions, as well as carrying out social, political and market research by request of the third-party organizations.

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Research laboratories of the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Information Security


Севастьянов Валентин Валерьевич - заведующий лабораторией аппаратных средств вычислительной техникиOn the basis of the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Information Security there are 7 research laboratories and 2 scientific and methodical offices equipped with modern hard- and software. Each classroom is estimated for 15 workplaces equipped with computers. Every computer in standard option has the installed operating system Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007.


Depending on specifics of a cabinet, classrooms are equipped with additional hard- and software. The Computer Hardware Laboratory has more than 10 computers intended for students’ training to assemble computer equipment, install additional software and their setting up. The Physics Laboratory is equipped with physical stands and devices intended for carrying out laboratory experiments.

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Psychophysiology and Experimental Psychology Laboratory


Губин Михаил Владимирович - заведующий лабораторией психофизиологии и экспериментальной психологии Research area of the Laboratory – Use of modern psychophysiological and psychological methods in professional activities of psychologists, lawyers and managers.

Research assistant: Gubin Mikhail Vladimirovich

Objective of the Laboratory: formation of students’ competences on using modern psychophysiological and psychological methods of diagnostics in the course of scientific researches.

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Social Psychology Research Laboratory


Попов Леонид Михайлович - заведующий лабораторией социально-психологических исследованийHead of the Laboratory: Popov Leonid Mikhailovich, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Tatarstan Republic, corresponding member of the Academy of the Humanities.

Research area of the Laboratory: Diagnostics of students’ social and psychological readiness to professional activity.

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Economic Research Laboratory


Попов Алексей Николаевич - заведующий лабораторией экономических исследованийHead of the LaboratoryPopov Aleksey Nikolaevich, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.


Research area of the Laboratory: Economic mechanisms of increasing efficiency of industrial enterprise activity.


Objectives of the Economic Research Laboratory:

1. Students’ involvement in research process using scientific resources of the Institute.

2. Teaching practical skills of scientific work.

3. Organization of experimental work on formation of strategic development plans of the regional branch economy.

4. Formation of positive image of the Institute in the scientific environment.

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Legal Research Laboratory


Петренко Николай Иванович - заведующий лабораторией правовых исследованийHead of the Laboratory: Petrenko Nikolay IvanovichDoctor of Legal Science, Professor. Acting member of the Russian Municipal Academy, acting member of the Russian Academy of Legal Science, Honoured Lawyer of the Chuvash Republic; medals “For honourable service” of the II and III classes, “For distinguished service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, service medal “To the 100th anniversary of M.A.Sholokhov”, Certificate of Merit of the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the Russian Federation. He published more than 140 scientific and methodical works. Under his guidance 6 Candidate dissertations are defended. He is a member of the Dissertation Council in the Russian University of Cooperation and Nizhny Novgorod State University n.a. N.I.Lobachevsky.


Research area of the Laboratory: Problems of formation and development of the Russian statehood and law.


Objectives of the Laboratory: organization of research work; organizational, technical, methodical, material assistance to students’ research work.

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