Student Union


IOSI Student Union


Head — Marasanova Ekaterina Yurevna


As in each prestigious higher education institution, at the Interregional Open Social Institute there is the Student Union. Thanks to it at the IOSI student self-government develops and improves actively. Students are taught to patriotism, tolerance, spirituality, moral and civil responsibility. Events held by the union help to reveal each student’s creative potential, to create initiative and independence. One of the major tasks set by the union is to create conditions for formation of students’ healthy lifestyle and physical education. For this purpose students are involved in various forms of extracurricular activities, collective leisure and rest. In summertime the IOSI students can earn additionally in student's groups going to work in children's camps and railway transport.

Objectives of the Student Union:

  • development and improvement of student self-government; 
  • education of patriotism and civil responsibility; 
  • spiritual, moral and esthetic education; 
  • revelation of each student’s creative potential, formation of initiative, independence and tolerance; 
  • creation of conditions for formation of healthy lifestyle and physical education; 
  • activation of students’ public life, their involvement in various forms of extracurricular activities, organization of students’ leisure time.

Principle areas of educational work:

1. Development of student self-government

2. Patriotic education

3. Esthetic education

4. Healthy lifestyle promotion

5. Students’ groups (summer work in children's camps, trains)


Main events:

1. First-year students’ festival “Green Festival”
2. Poetry evening parties
3. Proms
4. Student spring festival
5. Competition for the best presentation “Mari El. Corner of My Soul”
6. KVN ("Club of the Funny and Inventive")
7. Annual actions “Last Bell”
8. City and Republican events, actions, forums: “Silver Voices”, “Student Spring Festival”, “Miss Yoshkar-Ola”, “Students’ Leader” and others.