Rules for use of the library






1. General provisions.


1.1. The Rules for use of the library of the IOSI (hereinafter referred to as the library) are worked out in accordance with the “Provision on the ANPO HPE IOSI library” and the Federal Law № 78-ФЗ “On library services” as of 29.12.1994.

1.2. The Rules for use of the library stipulate general organizational principles of library services for students, professors and the institute employees, rights and duties of the library and readers.

2. Library readers, their rights, duties and responsibilities.


Rights of the library readers:

2.1. Students of all modes of study, higher-education teaching personnel, academics, institute employees have a right to use freely main library and information services:

  • to get full information on the library funds through the system of catalogs and cards and other ways of providing library information;
  • to get any editions from the library fund for temporary use in reading rooms and circulation departments;
  • to get advice on searching and choosing prints and other documents;

  • to use computer equipment installed in the library;
  • to extend the term of literature use as proscribed;
  • to get access to the institute electronic library system.

2.2. To make donations of any kind for development of the library and upgrading of facilities.

2.3. Readers have a right to use additional services at a charge. The list of additional paid services is developed according to the library facilities; the cost of services is determined by the Price-list approved by the rector.

2.4. Students and professors of other universities, as well as specialists of the city and republic are authorized for provision of services in reading rooms on the basis of contracts.

Duties of the library readers:

2.5. Readers are obliged to take good care of documents received from the library funds; to return them at a stated time; not to take them out from the library premises if they are not written down in reader's record cards or other records; not to make notes or underlines; not to tear out or bend pages; not to take out cards from catalogs and card files, to prevent damage of electronic storage media.

2.6. When receiving materials, readers have to look carefully over them and in case of detection of any defects to report this to an attendant librarian; otherwise responsibility for damage of books is taken by the reader who has been the last person having used the edition.

2.7. The student ID card is the only document authorizing use of the library. Readers have no right to transfer their student ID card to other person, as well as to use someone else's student ID card. In case of violation of this rule readers become deprived of the right to use the library for a period of up to 1 year.

2.8. Every year within the time limit prescribed by the library readers are obliged to pass re-registration submitting all the literature assigned to them. Readers who have not passed re-registration are not served in the library.

2.9. On graduating from the institute readers ought to return to the library editions assigned to them.

2.10. Readers ought to take care of other library inventory, including computer equipment provided for temporary use.

2.11. Readers responsible for loss or unintentional damage of editions ought to replace them with the same editions or copies estimated as equal by the library.

2.12. Readers who have caused damage to the library bear responsibility in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Rights and duties of the library.

3.1. The library serves the readers in accordance with the Provision on the institute library and Rules for use.

3.2. The library realizes the readers’ rights set in the clauses 2.1. - 2.4.

3.3. The library is obliged:

  • to inform the readers on all kinds of the library services;
  • to provide readers with the possibility to use all the library funds;
  • to popularize its funds and provided services;
  • to improve library and informative-bibliographic services introducing computerization and innovative technologies;
  • to request documents via inter-library exchange system from other libraries in case of absence in the library funds of required editions;
  • to provide a high standard service culture;
  • to render readers’ assistance in choosing needed materials;
  • to give classes in principles of informative-bibliographic culture, oral consultations, providing catalogues, card files and other forms of informing, organizing book exhibitions, bibliographic reviews;
  • to create and maintain the library conditions needed for readers’ work;
  • to carry out record-keeping and storage of editions in the library funds;
  • to control return of given editions to the library.

4. Rules for readers’ joining the library.


4.1. In order to join the library, readers ought to submit their passport and student ID card based on which an electronic library card and reader’s record card are filled in.

4.2. While joining the library readers ought to get acquainted with the rules for use of the library, rules for electronic loan and confirm the duties by signing in the register book.


5. Rules for use of the reading room.


5.1. Having received literature in the reading room, readers leave their student ID cards in the library. When returning literature, the student ID cards are given back to the readers.

5.2. A number of editions given in the reading room is not limited.

5.3. Taking literature out of the reading room is prohibited, except the cases specified with the library assistants (for copying, using during practical courses, etc.) In case of violation of this rule readers can be deprived of the right to use the library services for a term up to 1 year.

5.4. Encyclopedias, reference works, rare, valuable and singular editions, as well as the MBA editions are given only for working in the reading room without taking them out.


6. Rules for use of the circulation department.


6.1. To order and get editions in the circulation department students submit their bar-coded student ID cards, professors – their bar-coded badges.

6.2. Study materials are given for a semester or an academic year in the quantity defined in accordance with educational programs. Return deadline for study materials after the winter session is up to February 01, after the summer session is up to July 1.

6.3. Study materials in deficiency and in high demand among the readers are given for working in the reading room.

6.4. Scientific literature is given for a term of more than one month with a right to extend the term of using a book if there is no demand for it from other readers.

6.5. Students, who have debts in the library, are not given literature for a new semester.

7. Rules for use of the electronic reading room.

7.1. The general rules for use of the ANPO HPE IOSI library are applicable also to the users of the electronic reading room.

7.2. Only one user can work on one computer.

7.3. User is liable for infliction of property damage in accordance with the applicable legislation.

7.4. It is not allowed:

  • to use computers for any activity not connected with searching of scientific and research bibliographic, abstract or full text information;

  • to copy full educational, reference and other electronic editions from the library fund;

  • to import software, to install additional and reconfiguration of the installed software;

  • to display images which can be offensive for others;

  • to damage computer equipment;

  • to attempt to penetrate into closed computer networks, to decode passwords and do other things causing damage to the institute.