Readers' service in the automated library and information system 1C Institute Library


Readers' service in the automated

library and information system

1C Institute Library


I. To serve readers in the automated mode:

  • Reader is assigned to a unique identification number encoded in a barcode that is pasted on the reader's student ID card.

  • Bar-coded student ID card is a reader's record card for students of all modes of study.

  • Every reader is registered in an electronic reader's record card, where the following information is stated:

  • Last name, first name and patronymic name.

  • Home address, telephone number.

  • Passport data.

  • Faculty, specialization, year, group.

Every reader has only one electronic reader's record card.

Student ID card with a photo and the library barcode are to be presented by a reader/user during each visit to the library on a MANDATORY basis.

II. Reader’s/user's service.

  1. Librarian finds an electronic reader's record card in the system according to a barcode.
  2. Prints from the library funds are given by means of information entering in an electronic reader's record card by scanning of an issued edition barcode.
  3. The existing computer program does not allow library assistants to write an edition down in an electronic reader's/user's record card without scanning of a reader's/user's bar code that serves as a guarantee of the written-down information reliability.
  4. When getting into an electronic reader's record card, the system displays comments, bans or messages left for this reader. In case of the reader's debt, a librarian can refuse to give the reader/user new books until the problem is solved and the mark “the ban reason” is removed.
  5. Each book issued to a reader/user has a unique (individual) barcode. The barcode is pasted on a book during its technical processing and is the property of the ANPO HPE IOSI. For restoration of the barcode damaged by a reader/user and if there is need to correct it in the system, this reader/user has to pay according to the price-list.

Please, be aware that a barcode may be damaged in the following cases:

- long-term exposure to UV radiation (more than 2 hours);

- exposure to water, oils, milk, alcohols, other liquids and chemical substances;

- any colour material surfacing;

- exposure to any mechanical actions.

On completing each semester the books, training on which is terminated, are to be returned to the library.

In case of power outage or breakdowns as a result of which there is no opportunity to get access to the program, all operations of return are temporarily fixed on special blanks from which a librarian enters information into the system later. Each completed blank is checked and signed by a reader/user. Operations of delivery are temporarily cancelled.

IIIReader's access to an electronic reader's record card.

Reader/user can check the status of his or her reader's record card, list of the issued books, deadline for return. Access is granted from each computer connected to the institute local network and on a desktop where there is a shortcut IC Institute Library, by carrying out the following operations:

- in the dialog box a reader/user chooses his or her name in the list;

- enters his or her login, password consisting of the 4 last figures of the student ID card barcode;

- enters the system.

An electronic reader's record card opens with enlisted books a reader has now.
Work with an electronic reader's record card is performed through the button “Search”.