For the IOSI students



1. The higher education system differs from the secondary one by absence of daily control of academic progress. But don't get your hopes up: debts tend to accumulate and turn into a huge problem by the semester end. Try to do all tasks in time, right after you have received them.

2. There is nothing better than lecture notes taken with own hand. Firstly, visual memory is longer than acoustical, secondly, a lecturer gives the information he or she will ask at the examination or test.

3. Remember that conscientious work during a semester can be encouraged by a lecturer while passing a credit test or examination. The most effective form of knowledge demonstration is participation in academic competitions and conferences held at the Institute.

4. It is known that such disciplines as Mathematics and Physics maximally demand systematic and methodical work in a semester, including independent work. Use this information not to repeat mistakes of your predecessors.

5. Remember that the well-known student saying "From session to session, students live cheerfully" was created by careless students who have likely remained "the eternal students".


The most responsible period in student life was, is and will be an examination session. This is three or four weeks upon termination of a semester defining your future life: if you pass session successfully, you can study further; if you fail, you are no more a student, unfortunately.