IOSI Dormitory

IOSI Dormitory

The dormitory of the Interregional Open Social Institute is located at the address: Yoshkar-Ola, Proletarskaya Street, 71. The dormitory has 14 rooms for 55 students. Each room is for 3-4 persons. There is a public kitchen with 2 cookers, a washing machine, the shower, WC.

Cost of living per day is 33 rubles.

The distance from the IOSI is 15-20 minutes.

Transport: taxi bus №1, bus №2 form the bus stop «Prokhorova Street (IOSI)» to the bus stop «Lapshino».

Groceries «Nash» and «Makhaon» are near the dormitory.

Chemist`s «Arnika» is in the dormitory.

The Republican hospital is in 200 meters from the dormitory on Proletarskaya Street.

The students of the Interregional Open Social Institute of full-time and extramural mode of study for the period of session can expect the accommodation in the dormitory according to the academic calendar.

In order to get accommodation you will need to:

  1. Application form in the name of the Head of the Institute signed by Rector’s Assistant for Administration.
  2. Receipt for payment. Payment is held in the accounting department of the Yoshkar-Ola Construction College at the address: Yoshkar-Ola, Kremlevskaya Street, 34, tel.: +7(8362) 41-12-00.