Electronic library system


1. Russian Internet University for the Humanities

The project of the well- known Russian sociologist L.Ya.Averyanov who offers help to Internet users in getting distance education. The library, one of the university sections, contains a big collection of full-scale publications on social sciences: books, articles, texts and abstracts of theses. The library is supplied with search system according to an author’s name, surname and keywords; alphabetical catalog according to an author’s name and surname.

2. On-line encyclopedia "Britannika"
3. University information system RUSSIA (UIS RUSSIA)
Created and supported as base of electronic resources for research and education in the field of economics, sociology, political science, international relations and other humanities and since 2000 open for public access to universities, higher education institutions, scientific institutes of the Russian Federation and experts.
4. Electronic versions of scientific journals on the website MAIK NAUKA/INTERPERIODICA

Today the holding supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences publishes more than 180 academic journals in English and together with “Akademizdattsentr Nauka” – more than 200 journals in Russian almost in all branches of modern science.

The holding consists of more than 10 book publishing houses specializing on release of scientific and educational literature on natural, technical, humanitarian and political subjects.

5. Online University Library

The website "Online University Library" offers possibility of selective expansion of scientific and educational content.

The special section "Publishing Collections" contains scientific and educational editions combined into subject collections. The section supplies the need of higher education institutions and libraries for special educational and scientific literature corresponding to their area of expertise.

6. Scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU

Represents the full text database of scientific journals, the largest in Russia, from the leading Russian academic, university, branch and commercial publishers. In total on the eLIBRARY.RU platform there are more than 1900 Russian editions, among which 1170 are available for subscription.

7. Electronic library system “Knigafund”

Provides a broad legal access to editions needed for educational process with use of innovative technologies and meets all the requirements of the new Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education (subparagraph 7.17 of the FSES HPE for the Bachelor’s degree program, subparagraph 7.18 of the FSES HPE for the Master’s degree program)


Dynamics of literature entry makes more than 1 500 works a month. Access is provided on the basis of direct contracts with right holders. Lectures, monographs, textbooks and manuals, collections of articles, educational modules, comments of experts, primary sources, methodical material, that is, a wide range of educational and scientific literature is systematized on various areas of knowledge.


The resource is focused on a wide audience interested in high-quality and full sources of scientific and educational information, increase of cultural, educational and professional level.

8. Non-commercial partnership "National Electronic Information Consortium" (NEICON)

NEICON is the organization with the main objective to provide access of the Russian libraries, universities, institutes to scientific periodic information in an electronic form.

The market of electronic scientific editions develops apace, and the main objective of NEICON is to expand access possibilities of the Russian organizations to the current scientific information offered both by foreign publishing houses and agencies, and the Russian information suppliers.

9. “Integrum” Group

Provides a wide range of intellectual decisions distributed now in the following strategic directions:

Access to information resource bases

Marketing services and public relations

Economic safety

Strategic and administrative consulting

IT services