Department of Psychology and Pedagogics

Chairman of the Department: Shishkina Olga Viktorovna
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Deputy Chairman:

Secretary: Babynina Elena Veniaminovna

Telephone: +7 (8362) 30-44-28 ( доб 12157)



Objectives of the Department of Psychology and Pedadogics:

  1. Improving quality of Specialists and Bachelors’ education.
  2. Increasing professional level of teaching.
  3. Increasing a number of educational programs for students on professional interests (special courses, seminars, laboratories, social projects)
  4. Joining the European educational space.
  5. Developing the research environment, innovative activity of the Department students and staff.

The Department has:

Tasks of the Department:

  1. To create bank of educational programs and teaching materials on the Department disciplines.
  2. To develop and implement a technique of measuring quality of specialists’ professional training.
  3. To organize an annual methodological seminar for lecturers.
  4. To improve work of laboratories with students’ participating in the Russian and international conferences.
  5. To organize consultations of students and citizens in the Social Psychology Research Laboratory.
  6. To increase quality of Specialists and Bachelors’ competences.
  7. To raise a number of academic-degree-holders among the Department academic and teaching staff.


Academic and teaching staff:

Percentage of regular staff – 66,6 %.

Percentage of lecturers with academic titles – 80 %.

Percentage of lecturers with a doctoral degree – 13,3 %.