Social Research Laboratory


Орлова Ольга Викторовна - заведующий лабораторией социологических исследованийHead of the Laboratory: Orlova Olga Viktorovna, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor. Since 1999 she is the Head of the Sociology Department of the Mari Research Institute of Language, Literature and History. Since 1984 till present on the ground of the Research Institute Sociology Department she holds opinion polls and supervises sociological research held in the Republic of Mari El. She takes part in scientific conferences and has a number of scientific publications.


Research area of the Laboratory: “Students’ electoral activity”.


Objective of the Laboratory: Implementation of research projects in the field of educational process both at the Institute, and in other educational institutions, as well as carrying out social, political and market research by request of the third-party organizations.


Major task of the Laboratory: Providing research results for their use in the organization and technology of training, formation of student structures and training of specialists with dynamic system of knowledge and searching thinking style, capable to see and solve problems, possessing pragmatism and enterprise, guided by universal values.


Main activities of the Laboratory:

  1. Carrying out scientific and methodical consultations, courses, seminars;
  2. Preparation and conducting of sociological research;
  3. Carrying out student conferences and seminars on the conducted researches;
  4. Publishing materials of conferences and seminars.


– The IV Open competition of projects of non-profit non-governmental socially important organizations in the sphere of sociological research and monitoring of the civil society conditions "Problems of development of the modern Russian society" (Markin V. L., Orlova O. V.).

Research subject included in the plan: "Youth and veterans: transfer of memories of the Great Patriotic War as a mechanism of intergenerational transmission".

Collaboration of the Social Research Laboratory with organizations

There are concluded agreements on academic collaboration with the Mari Research Institute of Language, Literature and History.