Social Psychology Research Laboratory


Попов Леонид Михайлович - заведующий лабораторией социально-психологических исследованийHead of the Laboratory: Popov Leonid Mikhailovich, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Tatarstan Republic, corresponding member of the Academy of the Humanities.

Research area of the Laboratory: Diagnostics of students’ social and psychological readiness to professional activity.

Objectives of the Laboratory work with students:


— Acquiring basic education;

— Students’ participation in practical activities;

— Formation of the world perception unity, scientific world outlook.


— Development of cognitive abilities: thinking, imagination, perception, memory, attention, speech;

— Formation of needs, motivations, interests and hobbies;

— Teaching of self-education.

Main activities of the Laboratory:

— Formation of a professional psychologist within competence-based approach.

— Formation of students’ ecological consciousness.

— Psychological principles of formation of students’ ethnic identity and tolerance.

— Formation of students’ psychological health.

— Organization of students’ social and psychological adaptation.

Major working principle: individual approach to students by means of searching ways of optimum development of their potential opportunities specific to each student in the sphere of interests, abilities and vocations; elaborating individually focused programs of developing and psychocorrectional work for the purpose of the maximum assistance to students’ mental and personal development.


There is won the grant on opening a website for disabled people ("Door in world"). On the website people with reduced capabilities can get free legal and psychological assistance.

Research subject included in the plan: "Protected childhood" – a model of psychological and pedagogical follow-up of the families with disabled children.