Science Department

Head of Department:

Blinova Maria Leonidovna – Vice-Rector for Research, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Department staff:

- Safina Tatyana Aleksandrovna – Head of the Research and Grant Programs Department.

- Avdoshina Antonina Vladimirovna – Specialist on educational and methodical work.

Objectives of the Science Department:

·       organization and coordination of the Institute research activity;

·       assistance in effective use and development of scientific potential of the Institute academic staff;

·       improvement of scientific research quality ;

·       control of research activity fulfillment;

·       ensuring close links of scientific activity with educational process;

·       planning, organization and carrying out international, regional, interuniversity and intra high school scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, master classes, etc.;

·       rendering consulting assistance to the Institute departments in the field of research activity development;

·       improvement of research work according to the quality management system requirements.

To fulfill the objectives, the Science Department exercises the following functions:

·       management and coordination of scientific activity carried out at the Institute;

·       organization of monographs, collections of scientific works, materials of scientific conferences publishing;

·       control of scientific reviewing of the works submitted to publication;

·       participation in preparation and carrying out student's scientific and practical conferences, seminars, etc.;

·       organization of the Institute students’ participation in regional, All-Russian and international scientific conferences, competitions together with Departments; publication of students’ scientific works at the Institute and outside;

·       posting of information on matters of research activity on the Institute website;

·       tracking, systematization and making available to the Faculties and Departments the information on scientific competitions, conferences, symposiums, seminars, grants, demands for researches and opportunities of publication of research work results;

·       establishment of interaction concerning scientific activity with other higher education institutions, structural divisions and centralized services of the Institute;

·       organization of interaction of the Institute with public authorities, local government, Russian and foreign scientific institutions concerning scientific activity;

·       rendering consulting assistance to teachers and students on all questions about research work organization and carrying out;

·       development, analysis and updating of documentation on the Institute quality management system regulating research activity;

·       organization and implementation of monitoring and measuring of the Institute research activity, analysis of data and results, assistance in carrying out internal and external audits and other procedures directed at elimination of discrepancies and improvement of the Institute work.

Contact information:

424007, Russian Federation, Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, 28 Prokhorova St., off.102

Telephone: 8 (8362) 30-44-25


Working hours:

Monday – Friday – 08:00-17:00

Lunch break – 12:00-13.00