The quality management system of IOSI

Система менеджмента качества МОСИ


In the institute there is introduced and actively used the quality management system (ISO 9001:2008 standard). In the year 2007 IOSI received the certificate, certifying that the quality management system, in relation to development and providing educational services of the higher and additional professional education, conforms to requirements of the state standard ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000). In the year 2010 IOSI has passed certification according to the state standard specifications ISO 9001-2008 new international standards (ISO 9001:2008). In July, 2013 there was successfully received an external recertification on compliance to requirements of the state standard ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) by the results of which there is the certificate of conformity - №ROSS RU.IK10.K00053 from 19.07.2013 (validity period - till 19.07.2016.)



The policy of quality management system of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of HPE "Interregional Open Social Institute" includes:


- fundamental nature of education, introduction of innovative educational technologies, modern means, forms, methods of training and training of specialists, carrying out basic scientific researches, integration of teaching, educational and scientific processes;


- ensuring of the project orientation of the scientific and educational activity of the institute with implementation of large scientific and technical projects and their active use for training of specialists with experience of development and implementation of innovations;


- the education directed on formation of the citizen and the professional person, i.e. the identity of the student with the high level of spiritual and moral culture, tolerant consciousness, an active civic stand; the development of independence and the leadership skills by the students; the formation of highly cultured, socially - active and harmoniously developed personality; the development of respect for the history of Russia, the critical and independent thinking, the ability to study during the whole life;


- provision of high scientific potential of the teaching staff, the conditions for training and growth of professional skills of the teaching staff and educational support personnel of the institute through the establishment and implementation of a system of personal assessment of the each worker's labor;


- the education, directed on formation of the corporate culture, promoting motivation of employees to the improvement of quality of the activity, to the development of processes of self-organization in divisions and in the student's environment, to the students' involvement into the processes of ensuring quality;


- satisfaction of the requirement of the state and society in the preparation of specialists, able to ensure the development of the region and the country;


- continuous creative improvement of the content of educational services on the basis of competence-based approach and extension of their nomenclature according to tendencies of development of science, practice and changes of inquiries of the market; use of the latest educational programs and technologies;


- increase in volume and expansion of the sphere of research and innovative activity of higher education as bases for attraction of additional resources, professional development, practical skills of the personnel and ensuring base for the educational process and staffs' training of the top skills;


- the development of partnership with educational institutions of secondary (full) general and secondary professional education;


- search, development and involvement in scientifically - educational innovative activity of talented youth; an orientation on achievements of leaders in the institute of higher education and improvement of the reached results;


- creation, introduction and continuous improvement of the quality management system allowing to achieve the purposeful and coordinated management of all processes influencing quality of educational services and ways of their granting;


- orientation of the quality management system to all activity of higher education as a set of the interconnected processes; increasing of the competence and staff involvement in work on continuous improvement of the QMS in accordance with the expectations of consumers and on the basis of ISO 9001 standards.




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Avilova Karina Vladislavovna, representative of a quality manual