Psychophysiology and Experimental Psychology Laboratory


Губин Михаил Владимирович - заведующий лабораторией психофизиологии и экспериментальной психологии Research area of the Laboratory – Use of modern psychophysiological and psychological methods in professional activities of psychologists, lawyers and managers.

Research assistant: Gubin Mikhail Vladimirovich

Objective of the Laboratory: formation of students’ competences on using modern psychophysiological and psychological methods of diagnostics in the course of scientific researches.


Main activities of the Laboratory:

1. Teaching students to work with modern psychophysiological and psychological tools.

2. Organization and carrying out courses "Principles of carrying out polygraph tests".

3. Providing material base for increasing efficiency of students’ research work.

4. Carrying out scientific research on the research area of the Laboratory.



  1. Polygraph "KRIS".
  2. Torrens test (diagnostics of creative abilities) (produced by IMATON).
  3. Hand-test (deep personal investigation) (produced by IMATON).
  4. Rosenzweig frustration test (diagnostics of reactions in conflicts) (produced by IMATON).
  5. Kettle’s multiple-factor personality questionnaire (diagnostics of personality traits) (produced by IMATON).
  6. Luscher colour test (diagnostics of emotional state) (produced by IMATON).
  7. Landolt test (diagnostics of capacity for work) (produced by IMATON).
  8. Guilford test (diagnostics of social intelligence) (produced by IMATON).