“One Stop Shop” Service

Students’ Work Manager: Pavlova Marina Veniaminovna

Students’ Work Manager: Pavlova Marina Veniaminovna

Education: FSBEI HPE “Volga State Technological University”, 2012. Degree in Ecology and Nature Use, qualification – Bachelor of Ecology and Nature Use.


Working hours: TU-FR 09:00-18:00, SA 08:00-17.00

Address: Yoshkar-Ola, 28 Prokhorova St., off. 113


Tel.: 30-44-27 (ext. 12172)

E-mail: info@mosi.ru



1.     Consultation of students on financial debt matters;

2.     Receipt of applications for payment by installments and delay of payments;

3.     Delivery of examination sheets and admission lists to an examination session;

4.     Drawing up of certificates “to whom it may concern” on students’ requests;

5.     Conclusion of additional agreements to contracts for rendering fee paying services with students;

6.     Registration of control and term papers.