Nurmukhametov Ilnar Munirovich

The chair's position: Associate professor of economy and finance

Consultation time on the chair: Tuesday from 9.40 till 10.40 (weekly) in the 218th cabinet


Phone: 8 (8362) 304428 (additional 12151)

Education: higher professional education


- He graduated from the Mari State University in the year 2007. His specialty was: Accounting, analysis and audit.

Qualification: Economist;

- He graduated from the Mari State University in the year 2010, his specialty was: Jurisprudence. Qualification: Lawyer.



Certificate of Post Graduate:   

1. Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of HPE "Interregional Open Social Institute" according to the program "Legal and Moral and Ethical Aspects of Office Activity and Office Behavior of Civil Servants" in the year 2012.

2. FSBEI of HPE "Mari State University" according to the program "Information Technologies in the Teacher of Work activity" in the year 2014.

Academic degree and academic status: Candidate of Economic Sciences (2012)


Primary place of work: Interregional open social institute

The disciplines: Economy of firm, Budgeting, Complex analysis and diagnostics of financial economic activity of the enterprise, Complex analysis of financial and economic activity, Complex administrative analysis of economic activity of the enterprise, Complex economic analysis of economic activity, Control and audit, Structure and bases of activity of the enterprise of various forms of ownership, Management of expenses of the enterprise, Financial management, Pricing, Prices and pricing, Economy of the enterprise (organization), Economy of firm, Economic analysis, Legal support of intellectual property, International private law, International law

General length of work: more than 7 years.

General length of work in the specialty: more than 3 years.

Main directions of professional scientific activity: Public municipal administration, regulation of the interbudgetary relations, international legal relationship.

Number of the published scientific works: 9


- The letter of gratitude from the FSBEI of HPE "The Mari state university".

 - The letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Finance of the Mari El Republic.