Moskvina Svetlana Vladimirovna

The chair's position: the assistant of the head of the criminal law and criminology, criminal trial and criminalistics, theory and history of state and law department

Consultation time on the chair: Tuesday 10.00 - 11.00 in the 202 cabinet


Phone for communication: 30-44-28 (ext. 12150)

Education: higher professional education

She graduated from the Moscow State Open University in the year 2010, her specialty was: Jurisprudence. Qualification: Lawyer.

Academic degree and academic status: -

Primary place of work: Interregional open social institute

The disciplines: Criminology, Pre-judicial production in criminal trial, Features of hearing of cases by a jury, Law enforcement agencies, Preliminary investigation, Drawing up criminal procedure documents, Criminal and executive right, Criminal trial, Juvenile justice

General length of work: more than 4 years

General length of work in the specialty: more than 4 years


- Letter of gratitude from the State Meeting of the Mari El Republic, 2013.

- Certificate of Merit from Administration of the city district "Joshkar-Ola City", 2014.