Linguistics Research Laboratory


Принцева Елена Олеговна - заведующий лингвистической лабораториейResearch area of the Laboratory: information technologies in the process of foreign language learning.

Head of the Laboratory: Printseva Elena Olegovna, research assistant


Research objective: the use of modern information technologies in teaching to expand opportunities for foreign language teachers in their work with students.

Research tasks:

1. Extending and improving speech and language competences of students on the basis of modern training materials and technologies;

2. Development of modern techniques of foreign language teaching with the use of information technologies;

3. Formation of information bank on topical issues of the English language teaching techniques;

4. Conducting classes with the use of the Linguistics Laboratory material base (testing on various formats of language, control check of language and speech competences, carrying out creative tasks);

5. Increasing students’ motivation for foreign language learning.

Main activities of the Laboratory:

  1. Carrying out scientific and methodical consultations, courses, seminars;
  2. Carrying out diagnostics;
  3. Carrying out student conferences and seminars on the conducted researches;
  4. Publishing materials of conferences and seminars.