Legal Research Laboratory


Петренко Николай Иванович - заведующий лабораторией правовых исследованийHead of the Laboratory: Petrenko Nikolay IvanovichDoctor of Legal Science, Professor. Acting member of the Russian Municipal Academy, acting member of the Russian Academy of Legal Science, Honoured Lawyer of the Chuvash Republic; medals “For honourable service” of the II and III classes, “For distinguished service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, service medal “To the 100th anniversary of M.A.Sholokhov”, Certificate of Merit of the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the Russian Federation. He published more than 140 scientific and methodical works. Under his guidance 6 Candidate dissertations are defended. He is a member of the Dissertation Council in the Russian University of Cooperation and Nizhny Novgorod State University n.a. N.I.Lobachevsky.


Research area of the Laboratory: Problems of formation and development of the Russian statehood and law.


Objectives of the Laboratory: organization of research work; organizational, technical, methodical, material assistance to students’ research work.

 Main activities of the Laboratory:

– implementation of research projects in the field of theoretical jurisprudence with students’ involvement to the Laboratory work;

– carrying out annual scientific conferences and seminars;

– participation in educational process, use of research results for drafting manuals;

– training of postgraduates and retraining of specialists in theoretical jurisprudence;

– educational actions held together with other divisions of higher education institution (lectures, seminars, student clubs, residential schools, etc.);

– implementation of information and educational activity and formation of the virtual center for theoretical jurisprudence.