Economic Research Laboratory


Попов Алексей Николаевич - заведующий лабораторией экономических исследованийHead of the LaboratoryPopov Aleksey Nikolaevich, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.


Research area of the Laboratory: Economic mechanisms of increasing efficiency of industrial enterprise activity.


Objectives of the Economic Research Laboratory:

1. Students’ involvement in research process using scientific resources of the Institute.

2. Teaching practical skills of scientific work.

3. Organization of experimental work on formation of strategic development plans of the regional branch economy.

4. Formation of positive image of the Institute in the scientific environment.


Main tasks of the Laboratory:

1. Database formation for investigating efficiency of economy branches of the Republic and the Russian Federation.

2. Modernization of mathematical tools of investigating economic processes of the Region.

3. Improvement of techniques of forecasting economic development of the region.


Main activities of the Laboratory:

1. Carrying out scientific and methodical consultations, courses, seminars.

2. Preparation and carrying out economic research.

3. Holding student conferences and seminars on the conducted research.

4. Defining main directions and methods of the regional economic development.

5. Development of strategies and mechanisms of increasing efficiency of the enterprises activity.


During its existence the Laboratory has published more than 50 scientific works, 10 from which are published in the journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

Postgraduates conduct fundamental research within the chosen subject of thesis and applied research in the field of formation of development strategy of regions and enterprises of various branches, human resource management; they estimate economic and social importance of mortgage housing construction, conduct statistical research of oil business, develop a mechanism of information support of the housing and communal services management, study practical experience of financing knowledge-intensive enterprise activity. Results of their work are published in collections of scientific works.