Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Chairman of the Department: Markin Victor Leonidovich
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Secretary: Dudina Anastasia Sergeevna

Telephone: +7 (8362) 30-44-28 (ext.12154)


Classes in the Department are conducted by the skilled qualified experts at the height of their scientific and creative potential. Two out of 9 employees of the Department have an academic degree of the Doctor of Sciences, three of them - the Candidate of Sciences.

Over the last years the Department held the seminar: "The humanities in training the modern specialist"; the seminar devoted to effects of narcotic abuse; seminar "The electoral system and parliamentarism formation in Russia: historical aspect of the problem"; the intramural academic competition "The Great Patriotic War" and the interuniversity academic competition on History for students of unhistorical specialties.

Disciplines of the Department:

- Life safety;

- Business foreign language;

- Business Russian language;

- Foreign language;

- Foreign language in the sphere of legal activity;

- History;

- History of Russia;

- Consultation on writing an annotation to the graduate qualification work (in English);

- Corporate culture;

- Standards of speech and business communication;

- Cultural science;

- Logic;

- Political science;

- Sociology;

- Physical education;

- Philosophy;

- Philosophy of law;

- Language and style of official business documentation.

Academic and teaching staff:

Percentage of regular staff – 77.7 %.

Percentage of lecturers with academic titles – 55%.

Percentage of lecturers with a doctoral degree – 22.2%.