Department of Management

Chairman of the Department: Shuvalova Yuliya Ananyevna
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Deputy Chairman

Secretary: Krasnova Tatyana Alekseevna

Telephone: +7 (8362) 30-44-28 (ext.12156)


Disciplines taught:
  • Financial Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • State and Municipal Management

Introduction to the Department:

Objective of the Department - satisfaction of an increasing demand of the Russian society for training modern managers with knowledge and skills to effectively apply them in the course of formation and realization of different level strategies, creation of mechanisms and implementation of technologies of sustainable social and economic development of the country, regions and enterprises.

Major tasks of the Department:

  • satisfaction of students’ needs in receiving new knowledge on modern achievements in management theory and practice, their implementation in private and state organizations of different branches, the best domestic and foreign practices;
  • satisfaction of needs of the city and region enterprises and organizations in highly qualified specialists in management and marketing;
  • satisfaction of society’s needs in socially responsible and ethical management, in possibilities of their use for the benefit of the society;
  • development and implementation of training programs on Management disciplines within the curriculum taking into account continuous improvement of training courses on each level of higher education;
  • carrying out scientific research in the field of management and its branches;
  • development and implementation to educational process of new information technologies in management;
  • carrying out market research with the Department students’ assistance that promotes formation of skills of practical marketing and database creation for scientific work;
  • supervision of students’ research of different levels.

The Department is actively engaged in research and methodical work, it is the initiator of conferences of various level, seminars, master classes on problem questions of management theory and practice.


Scientific work is carried out on the following area:

Methodology for supporting education quality management.

Scientific supervisor – Shvetsov Mikhail Nikolaevich, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, corresponding member of the International Teacher’s Training Academy of Science, member of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Mari El Republic.


Academic and teaching staff:

Percentage of regular staff – 66,6 %.

Percentage of lecturers with academic titles – 80,9 %.

Percentage of lecturers with a doctoral degree – 14,2 %.

Academic staff

Educational materials