Criminalistics Laboratory


Пакулина Ольга Валентиновна

Research area of the Laboratory – Modern methods of using criminalistic range of fire and technico-criminalistic means

Head of the Criminalistics Laboratory: Pakulina Olga Valentinovna

Graduated from the Volgograd Academy of the RF MIA with degree in Law, qualification – Lawyer. Legal expertise is more than 10 years. Experience in investigation.

Disciplines taught: Criminalistics, Criminal Law.

Main activity of the Criminalistics Laboratory: formation of students’ professional practical skills of using technico-criminalistic means and tactics of investigative proceedings.


Activities of the Criminalistics Laboratory:

1.     Training of students’ practical skills of working with crime traces (their detection, fixation, examination, preliminary investigation, evaluation and use in crime investigation, solution and prevention);

2.     Organization of courses for mastering skills of working with new technico-criminalistic means, including a program complex on making psychological facial composites and with automated working places of an investigator and expert.

3.     Carrying out investigative activities, theory advancement, drawing up plans of investigating certain categories of crimes within practical classes, that is, the whole complex of professional knowledge a young specialist ought to have to be able to quickly understand the technological process connected with crime investigation, solution and prevention;

4.     Carrying out the organizational and methodical work on studying the positive experience of law enforcement agencies work in Russia and abroad, the results of which are used by graduates for completing theses.


1.     СО 2 spray can. (mock-up).

2.     1-77 2 antiaircraft mount ammunition (mock-up).

3.     Mosin-Nagant (MMG) МР 381 (mock-up).

4.     Grenade UGRN-3864177 (mock-up).

5.     Currency testing device DORS-1200.

6.     Knuckle-duster (mock-up).

7.     Magnetic brushes.

8.     Set for fingerprints work.

9.     Set for case filing.

10.   Set for removing odor traces.

11.   Criminalistic magnifier.

12.   АК -74 rifle (mock-up).

13.   Makarov pistol (PM) flare (mock-up).

14.   RPK-74 (Kalashnikov hand-held machine gun) (mock-up).

15.   ТТ flare pistol (mock-up).

16.   Dummy man.

17.   Metal detector.

18.   Two-handed sword (mock-up).

19.   Microscope.

20.   Flick knife (mock-up).

21.   Nunchucks (mock-up).

22.   Touristic knife (mock-up).

23.   Ultraviolet lamp (portable MD).

24.   Airgun pistol МР 654К (mock-up).

25.   Spherical shots (mock-up).

26.   Cartridges 7, 62 caliber (mock-up).

27.   Club (mock-up).

28.   Nagant revolver (mock-up).

29.   Gun МАВ № 11745 (mock-up).

30.   Shpagin machine pistol (PPSh) 3651+drum magazine (mock-up).

31.   Antipersonnel mine PFM 012-1487 SD 2 (mock-up).

32.   Aluminum saber (mock-up).

33.   Homemade grinding knives (mock-up).

34.   Investigative briefcase.

35.   Inert shell. (mock-up).

36.   Bag for plaster work.

37.   Shuriken (mock-up).

38.   Common suitcase of a forensics examiner.

39.   Zenit photo camera.

40.   Human skull (mock-up).

41.   Knife-bayonet 1199 (mock-up).

42.   Program for making psychological facial composites.



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