Academic Activity Planning Department


Yoshkar-Ola, 28 Prokhorova St., off.108

Working hours:

MO-FR 08:00-17:00, lunch break: 12.00-13.00

Objectives and functions of the Academic Activity Planning Department:

1.   The Academic Activity Planning Department organizes strategic and current planning of educational process and exercises control of its course;

2.   studies, generalizes and introduces advanced technologies of educational process;

3.   supervises implementation of the State educational standards and Federal state educational standards in the contents and level of the Institute graduates’ training;

4.   develops annual schedules of educational process, supervises their performance;

5.   checks calculation of the Departments academic load, analyzes and controls its performance reports;

6.   participates in drawing up of the academic staff schedule for an academic year;

7.   carries out orders of the Rector, Vice-Rector for Education;

8.   develops standard samples of educational and reporting forms of educational process and provides the Departments and Faculties with them;

9.   makes demands for obtaining forms of educational documentation;

10. controls distribution of hourly fund on the basis of the Rector’s order.

Department staff:

Taratkina Galina Ilyinichna, Head of the Academic Activity Planning Department 

Education: Mari State Pedagogical Institute n.a. N.K.Krupskaya, 1993. Degree in Physics and Informatics, qualification – Teacher of Physics and Informatics



Certificate of Merit of the Deputies’ Assembly of the urban district “City of Yoshkar-Ola”








Department specialists:

Melnikova Ekaterina Viktorovna












Zebreva Evgenia Olegovna












Contact information:

telephone: 30-44-28 (ext.12170)