Academic Activity Organization and Control Department

Yoshkar-Ola, 28 Prokhorova St., office № 221

Working hours: 

MO-FR 08:00-17:00

SA 08:00-13:00

Contact telephone: (8362) 30-44-20


Head of Department: Kovalenko Evgenia Nikolaevna


Objectives and functions of the Academic Activity Organization and Control Department:

1.     The Academic Activity Organization and Control Department is responsible for timely preparation of the class timetable for a semester (an examination session), ensures its posting on the IOSI website;

2.     submits the Institute students’ class timetable to the Vice-Rector for Education for approval, as well as supervises its performance;

3.     schedules the classroom fund for giving classes and examination sessions;

4.     calculates a teacher’s academic load fulfilled according to the timetable;

5.     controls the fulfillment of the academic load by the teacher according to the timetable for a semester (examination session), academic year.

Department staff:

Kovalenko Evgenia Nikolaevna, Head of the Academic Activity Organization and Control Department

Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University) with degree in Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management. Qualification – Engineer.










Chebotaeva Olga Olegovna, Class Timetable Senior Manager 

В 2012 Graduated from the Modern University for the Humanities in 2012 with degree in Economics. Qualification – Bachelor in Economics.

2012  - professional development course 1С:Accounting 8.2










Anisimova Nadezhda Gennadyevna, Class Timetable Manager

Graduated from the Mari State Technical University with degree in Finance and Credit. Qualification – Economist.