Special (speech pathology) education: Logopedics

Special (speech pathology) education: Logopedics


Specialization (degree program): Logopedics

Qualification (academic degree) – Bachelor

Mode and duration of study:

Full-time – 4 years.

Extramural – 5 years. There is an opportunity of extension training based on higher education and subject-specific secondary vocational education.


Entrance examinations:

high school graduates – on the results of the USE (biology, Russian, Social Science)

technical or vocational school graduates – on the testing results

university graduates – subject-specific test or interview


The profession of speech pathologist is situated between medicine and pedagogics. The number of children with speech disorders is steadily growing these days around the world. Without qualified assistance deviations in speech development become prominent, they affect all spheres of the mental development of a person preventing his/her social adaptation. In this regard special relevance is given to the problem of training specialists in speech development and correction, teachers of correctional and logopedic groups.

Logopedist is a broad specialist working with all types of speech disorders. The profession of logopedist demands serious training: knowledge of phonation mechanisms, speech and voice disorders, development of communicative skills, ways of restoration of communication function, all that allows the logopedist to work in various activities.


Logopedist ought to know:

  • fundamentals of Pedagogics, children's psychology;
  • some aspects of anatomy and medicine;
  • modern pedagogical technologies;
  • methods and ways of prevention of speech disorders, methods of correctional training (education, recovery training) providing variability of correctional training (correctional education) process;
  • elements of personality development technology at three levels: emotional, cognitive, behavioural;
  • methods and means of psycholinguistic diagnostics, establishing speech diagnosis;
  • main forms of differentiation of speech disorders, principles of forming pupils’ groups.


Logopedist ought to be able to do the following:

  • to conduct psychological-pedagogical examination for the purpose of defining the course of speech development and age norm compliance;
  • to master methods of differential diagnostics for detecting a type of disorder;
  • to provide psychological-pedagogical background for the process of special education and training;
  • to promote socialization and formation of the general personal culture (of a child, an adolescent, an adult) with speech disorders, informed choice and the following mastering of professional educational programs;
  • to use various techniques, methods and means to provide the necessary level of training of people with speech disorders conforming to the requirements of the State educational standard;
  • to master methods of psychoprophylactic work for creating a favorable psychological climate in an institution, in a family.


Professional activities:

  • correctional educational institutions of different types for training children with speech disorders;
  • institutions of a primary incomplete secondary and complete secondary education;
  • special preschool institutions for children with speech disorders;
  • rehabilitation centers;
  • methodological, psychological and pedagogical consultations;
  • institutions of social security and health care systems;
  • research centers for problems of special education.


Department of Psychology and Pedagogics

Information about training places of students on the degree program 050700.52 Special (speech pathology) Education - «Logopedics»

Training place

Company details and contract validity period


Municipal Budgetary Preschool Educational Institution Kindergarten №25 «Zhemchuzhina»

Contract as of October 19, 2012 424007, Russia, Mari El Republic, Yoshkar-Ola, 28a Prokhorova St., tel./fax: (8362) 63-76-51. Contract validity period – 5 years


Sate Budgetary Educational Institution of the Mari El Republic «Center of psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation and correction, training for families adopting children and their professional support «Detsrvo»

Contract as of December 25, 2012 424020, Russia, Mari El Republic, Yoshkar-Ola, 12a Mashinostroiteley St., tel.: (8362) 42-36-17, 42-38-67. Director – Beshkareva Elena Mikhaylovna. Contract validity period – 5 years


Sate Budgetary Educational Institution of Additional Education of Children «DTDM»

Contract as of March 12, 2013 424000, Russia, Mari El Republic, Yoshkar-Ola, 32 Pushkina St., tel.: (8362) 42-51-11. Director – Derevyanko Natalya Arkadevna. Contract validity period – 5 years


Sate Educational Institution of the Mari El Republic «Volzhsk secondary boarding school for orphaned children»

Contract as of April 25, 2013 425000, Russia, Mari El Republic, Volzhsk, 12 K. Libknekhta St., tel./fax: (83612) 5-314-30. Director – Kushmanov Sergey Nikolaevich. Contract validity period – 5 years


Municipal Budgetary Preschool Educational Institution Kindergarten №12 «Romashka»

Contract as of October 14, 2013 424030, Russia, Mari El Republic, Yoshkar-Ola, 39-b Geroev Stalingradskoy Bitvy St., tel.: (8362) 64-38-76. Director – Ushakova Zoya Gennadevna. Contract validity period – 5 years


State Public Institution of the Mari El Republic «Yoshkar-Ola Center of   public assistance to families and children»

Contract as of November 27, 2013 424033, Russia, Mari El Republic, Yoshkar-Ola, 2 Eshkinina St., tel.: (8362) 21-00-19 Director – Sakharova Galina Vasilyevna. Contract validity period – 5 years



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