Questions and answers on applying to the IOSI




1. What is distance learning?

Distance learning (DL) is a form of the IOSI extramural studies with a wide use of modern technical means of communication for interaction of students with teachers: Internet, webcasts, online presentations. A student gets access to his or her personal account in the IOSI-Distant system where he or she can get lectures and examination tests. Directly at the Institute students take state examination and defense their theses.

2. What documents are needed for application?

Documents required for admission: passport, document of education (High School or University Diploma), 6 photos 3х4, Certificate of the USE results (if needed), Marriage Certificate Change of Name Certificate (if changed).

3. In what form are entrance examinations carried out?

Applicants, who have received secondary (complete) education in 2009 and later, are enrolled only on the basis of the Certificate of the USE results.

For applicants, who have received secondary (complete) education before January 1, 2009, as well as for those with secondary vocational education, entrance examinations are carried out at the Institute in the form of testing.

4. When will entrance examinations be held for applicants?


Entrance examinations are taken by applicants in the IOSI Testing Center whenever convenient to them.

5. Up to what age can I apply to the Interregional Open Social Institute?


There are no age limits for applicants.

6. Can I apply to correspondence department?


Correspondence department admits university graduates or secondary vocational institution graduates (subject-specific degree holders). Duration of study is 3.5 years.

7. Can I use course books in the library or should I buy them?


The Institute library has a rich fund of educational, methodical and scientific literature on all disciplines of educational programs. For students’ convenience there is an electronic library.