Management: Financial management

Финансовый менеджментSpecialization (degree program): Financial management

Qualification (academic degree) – Bachelor

Mode and duration of study:

Full-time – 4 years.

Extramural – based on general secondary education - 5 years, based on subject-specific secondary vocational education - 3,5 years, based on higher education – 3,5 years.

There is a possibility of distance learning.


Entrance examinations:

high school graduates – on the results of the USE (mathematics, Russian, social science or foreign languages)
technical or vocational school graduates – on the testing results
university graduates – subject-specific test or interview

Financial manager is a key figure in every company in any branch of business. He or she makes decisions on use of funds, raising of credits, budget planning (one should not confuse this profession with an accountant who only watches over flow of funds and reports to government bodies). For manufacturing enterprises he or she is a person providing additional profit and reducing expenses. But the widest field of a financial manager’s activity is banks, insurance and trust companies, broker firms, exchanges. As now there are a lot of such organizations, more than ever, the qualified experts in this field are appreciated worth its weight in gold.

Financial manager, the IOSI graduate, will know:

  • legislative and normative legal documents defining requirements to financial and economic activities of the enterprise;
  • how to estimate conditions and prospects of financial market development of the financial markets;
  • how to organize a correct work of the company’s finance department;
  • how to draw up a competent and correct financial plan, budgeted balance sheet, sales plan;
  • main ways of managing the company’s owned and current capital;
  • how to estimate return on assets;
  • how to foresee risks;
  • how to obtain credits investments at lower cost;
  • when, how and in what volume it would be right and profitable to issue and buy securities;
  • how financial resources are distributed;
  • what parameters show the efficiency of the company’s financial investments;
  • how to exercise a competent financial control (intermediate and final) in the company;
  • what forms of financial payments ate more favorable to be used;
  • tax system, taxation principles and methods, ways of taxes and fees payment, characteristics of the main taxes and fees in the Russian Federation;
  • standards of financial accounting and reporting;
  • accounting.

Having got the profession of financial manager in the IOSI, You will be able to do the following:

  • to analyze results of industrial and commercial, and, first of all, financial activities of the company;
  • to analyze and estimate economic efficiency of capital investments;
  • to predict results of capital investments;
  • to develop programs of use of financial resources;
  • to draw up a financial plan, to supervise its implementation and observance of all the plan activities;
  • to make competent financial documents for submitting to banks, tax administration and other supervisory authorities;
  • to read a balance sheet;
  • to understand the company’s statistical, accounting and operational reports.

Places of employment:

  • business concerns, commercial companies;
  • divisions of management system of public enterprises, joint-stock companies and private companies.
  • bodies of state administration and social infrastructure of the national economy.
  • banks, insurance and credit companies.

This career will be ideal for You, if You:

  • possess good analytical skills.
  • can plan your activity and work at charged segment, to predict and foresee its results;
  • are able to make decisions in uncertain situations;
  • are not afraid to assume responsibility for results of your work;
  • like to have your thoughts and affairs in order;
  • can flexibly react to different changes in life situations, quickly adapt to changes and stay alert;
  • exigent and man of principle;
  • seek personal growth.

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