Information Security: Complex protection of informatization objects

Информационная безопасность

Information Security: Complex protection of informatization objects

Specialization (degree program): Complex protection of informatization objects

Qualification (academic degree) – Bachelor

Mode and duration of study:

Full-time – 4 years.

Intra -extramural – 5 years. There is an opportunity of extension training based on higher education and subject-specific secondary vocational education.

Entrance examinations:

high school graduates – on the results of the USE (Mathematics, Russian language, Physics)

technical or vocational school graduates – on the testing results

university graduates – subject-specific test or interview


Within the IT industry there is a perspective and one of the most demanded branch today. It is information security. Information security, along with information protection, is a complex task directed at security assurance implemented due to safety system installation. The problem of information security is multidimensional and complex and covers a number of important tasks.  Today there are formulated three basic principles which should be provided by information security:

  • data integrity — protection against errors conducting to data loss, as well as protection against unauthorized creation or destruction of data;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • availability of information to all authorized users.

While developing computer systems, where failures or errors can lead to serious consequences, problems of computer safety become a top priority.

Today neither commercial structures, nor the departmental organizations cannot manage without specialists in information security.

Bachelor in Information security ought to know:

  • to collect and analyze materials of organizations and enterprises for taking measures in assurance of information security;
  • to find possible data leak channels representing state, military, official or commercial secrets;
  • to estimate relevance, prospects and importance of design objects;
  • to participate in development of new control automation means, schemes of control equipment, models and information security systems;
  • to develop and make out project and working technical documentation according to the standards;
  • to suggest on improving and increasing efficiency of information security services;
  • to make rules, provisions, instructions and other organizational and administrative documents for information security management;
  • to administer subsystems of an object information security;
  • to examine protection objects, to carry out their attestation;
  • to make conclusions on projects of buildings under construction and reconstruction and other projects concerning ensuring information security.

Professional activities include:

  • the federal state governing bodies of the Russian Federation;
  • public authorities of the territorial subjects of the Russian Federation;
  • public institutions, organizations and enterprises;
  • defensive industry;
  • the local government bodies;
  • institutions, organizations and enterprises of non-government ownership.

Training places of students on the degree programs «Information Security»

  1. Branch of «Rosgosstrakh» JSC in the Mari El Republic
  2. Federal State Institution «Center of engineering and technical support of Department» of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Mari El Republic
  3. «Avtograf» JSC
  4. Mari Regional Center for Advanced Education and Professional Retraining of personnel

Department of the Federal Migration Service for the Mari El Republic


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