Free education at the IOSI full-time department

Study at the IOSI full-time department for free!

This year the program of support of talented youth has started in close cooperation with the Mari El Republic enterprises and organizations. Within this program we announce composing groups for all free educational programs of the full-time department.

Any entrant can apply for free places having submitted documents until July 25, 2012. Enrollment is carried out according to the USE results.

All the enrolled students study free of charge for 1 semester. Then, if a student passes an examination session successfully, he or she continues studies till the following session absolutely free of charge. If by the session results a student’s average mark is not less than 4, such student is provided with 50% discount till the following session. If in the student record book there is a mark “satisfactory”, the student pays in full.

Our priority is to preserve the workforce capacity of the Mari El Republic, to support talented pupils!

Today the IOSI is the state-recognized degree, certification from the leading software developers, your successful career! IOSI is a choice of smart people! Join us!

More information in IOSI Admission Office: (8362) 38-08-08