Economics: Accounting, analysis and audit

Бухгалтерский учет

Economics: Accounting, analysis and audit


Specialization (degree program): Accounting, analysis and audit

Qualification (academic degree) – Bachelor

Mode and duration of study:

Full-time – 4 years.

Extramural – 5 years. There is an opportunity of extension training based on higher education and subject-specific secondary vocational education.



There is a possibility of distance learning.


Entrance examinations:

high school graduates – on the results of the USE (Mathematics, Russian language, Social Science)

technical or vocational school graduates – on the testing results

university graduates – subject-specific test or interview


This degree program is one of the most demanded. It is not by accident as no enterprise or organization cannot do without the qualified economist-accountant. We train graduates who will find their place in any types of companies. Professional accountants are needed in state bodies, banks, insurance companies and investment funds, finance departments of industrial and trading companies, auditing firms, manufacturing enterprises, educational institutions, service industries, and this list can be continued. Wherever any economic activity is conducted, an expert in the field of accounting is needed.


Professional activities include:

  • economic, financial, marketing, production and analytical services of organizations in all the sectors of the national economy, fields and forms of ownership;
  • financial, credit and insurance companies;
  • the state and municipal bodies;
  • academic and departmental research institutions;
  • general education institutions, institutions of primary vocational, secondary vocational, higher professional and continuing professional education.


Accountant ought to know:

  • market instruments of economic management (consumer orientation, adaptation of an enterprise’s activity to the external and internal environment);
  • marketing;
  • the tax legislation and other normative legal documents regulating the economic activity of  the enterprises (laws, acts, provisions, instructions from ministries and departments);
  • formation, maintenance and storage of economic data base (1 C, Excel);
  • methods of accounting and analysis of results of enterprise divisions’ work;
  • methods and means of economic calculations and computer operations performance;
  • principles of the labour legislation, norms and regulations of the labour safety;
  • methods of determination of economic efficiency of an enterprise (organization) activity;
  • bank operations, banking;
  • record maintenance and storage;
  • pricing;
  • types and methods of cost cutting.


Accountant ought to be able to do the following:

  • to develop orders and techniques of budgeting process;
  • to plan activities of divisions and the whole organization;
  • to analyze and interpret financial, accounting and other information;
  • to control performance of financial and economic activities of divisions and the whole enterprise (organization);
  • to estimate needs of the enterprise (organization) in personnel;
  • to make economic evaluations, references, periodic reporting;
  • to carry out the analysis of business bankruptcy;
  • to be an advanced PC user.


Professional skills:

  • making out of budgets, calculations, business plans;
  • calculation and analysis of product cost (works, services);
  • financial analysis of the organization (enterprise) activity;
  • bank operating activities;
  • planning and budgeting of the enterprise financial activity;
  • short-term and long-term forecasting of the organization (enterprise) financial activity;
  • planning of costs, resource use, expenses and profits of the enterprise;
  • registration of payment documents;
  • flexibility in communication with taxmen, auditors, suppliers.


Training places of students of the Department of Economics and Finance


«Sberbank of Russia» JSC branch № 8614 of the Mari El Republic


 Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia №1 for the Mari El republic


«Rosgosstrakh» JSC


«Marbiofarm» JSC


 Committee of Management of the Municipal Property of the Administration of the city district «Yoshkar-Ola»


«Mari calcium-silicate bricks plant»


«Spetsstroymekhanizatsiya» JSC


State unitary enterprise of the Mari El Republic «Mostremstroy»


Local Agency of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Mari El Republic


State Unitary Production Energy Enterprise «Markommunenergo»


«Kontakt» JSC


«Mari Machine Engineering Plant» JSC


 Territorial production complex «Zvenigovsky» LLC


«Yaransk dairy products combine» JSC


«Krasnooktyabrisk metalware plant » CHSC


«Mariiskoe» CJSC


Ministry of Education and Science of the Mari El Republic


Branch of «Rosgosstrakh-Povolzhe» LLC – «Department for the Mari El Republic»


«Digit» LLC


State Unitary Enterprise of the Mari El Republic «Public transport enterprise-1»


State Institution of the Mari El Republic «Employment centre of Yoshkar-Ola»


State Unitary Enterprise of the Institution OSH-25/3 of the           Central Directorate of Corrections for the Mari El Republic


«Enterprise «Kant» LLC



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