For disabled people


Defined in accordance with the Order of admission to higher professional education institutions approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as of December 28, 2011. N 2895.
1. Citizens with reduced capabilities in case of absence of the Certificate of the Unified State Exam results (2011-2012) will take entrance examinations defined by a higher education institution in accordance with the List of entrance examinations and additional entrance examinations (if applicable) in a form stated by the institution itself, taking into account special needs, individual capabilities and health state (hereinafter referred to as individual peculiarities) of these applicants.
2. Entrance examination in the Russian language can be held in forms of a composition, exposition, dictation and test.
3. As for entrance examinations, the Institute provides compliance with the following requirements:
- entrance examinations are held in a separate classroom, a number of applicants in one classroom will not exceed: while taking a written entrance examination – 12 people; while taking an oral entrance examination – 6 people. It is acceptable to have more applicants with reduced capabilities in a classroom while holding an entrance examination, as well as to hold entrance examinations for people with reduced capabilities in the same classroom with applicants without reduced capabilities, provided that this will not cause difficulties for applicants while taking entrance examinations;
- time limit of entrance examinations may be extended as regards holding the USE according to the corresponding subject;
- during entrance examinations there is present an assistant who renders applicants necessary technical assistance taking into account their individual peculiarities (to find a workstation, move, read and write a task, interact with a moderator);
- applicants are provided with a printed copy of policy and procedure for entrance examinations;
- applicants in recognition of their individual peculiarities can use needed technical devices while taking an entrance examination;
- material and technical conditions of the Institute provide applicants’ full access to classrooms,  toilet and other rooms, as well as their stay in the stated rooms (availability of wheelchair ramps, hand-rails, classrooms on the ground floor).
While applying people with reduced capabilities will at their discretion hand in an original or copy of the document confirming their disability.
Disabled children, disabled persons of groups I and II who at the moment of admission in accordance with the item 3 of article 16 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Education” have a right to be admitted to higher educational institutions out of competition, provided that they successfully passed entrance examinations, submit an expert testimony of a federal medical and social assessment institution on absence of contraindications for education in corresponding educational institutions.