Business Informatics: Electronic business


Business Informatics: Electronic Business


Specialization (degree program): Electronic business

Qualification (academic degree) – Bachelor

Mode and duration of study:

Full-time – 4 years.

Extramural – 5 years. There is an opportunity of extension training based on higher education and subject-specific secondary vocational education.

There is a possibility of distance learning.


Entrance examinations:

high school graduates – on the results of the USE (Mathematics, Russian language, Social Science)

technical or vocational school graduates – on the testing results

university graduates – subject-specific test or interview

Business Informatics is a new, even revolutionary training course of Homo Economicus (economic human) meeting the requirements of the modern information society. It is about new ways and methods of forming a harmonious personality.

Modern business society needs professionals who possess complex knowledge of management, law and economics; master practical skills in decision-making and project management. They are the experts who possess both technical and economic knowledge, help to increase labor productivity and to enter new markets.

Electronic Business (e-business) is a business which efficiency and competitiveness are based on use of information technologies to provide appropriate interaction of business partners and to create the integrated value chain. Electronic Business includes sales, marketing, financial analysis, payments, search of employees, user support and support of partnership.

Electronic business is a relevant specialist training course on doing business activities with the use of the Internet. It is caused by the following factors:

  • great demand for experts in the field of e-business as a result of increasing activities in virtual environment;
  • today e-business is led not only by on-line companies, but also more and more large offline companies transfer their business to electronic environment;
  • E-Commerce  is one of the priorities of the Federal target program «Electronic Russia»;
  • high prestige of education in the field of e-business – bachelors are trained for middle and top managers (in the long term - director of economic affairs and informatics).

Bachelor in Business Informatics ought to know:

  • to analyze adequacy, completeness and balance of an information model and data flow diagrams;
  • to operate an electronic enterprise and e-business divisions of non-networked companies;
  • to develop and introduce enterprise information portals and electronic document management systems;
  • to advise on ways of effective website promotion;
  • to create small enterprises in the IT outsourcing sphere;
  • to commercialize innovation developments in e-commerce of small and medium business.

Professional activities include:

  • enterprise architectural design;
  • strategic planning of developing IS and ICT of business management;
  • organizing life cycle processes of IS and ICT of business management;
  • analytical support of decision-making processes for business management;
  • development, introduction and maintenance of tools and software;
  • creation and promotion of websites, portals and online shops.

Training places of students on the degree programs «Business Informatics»

  1. Branch of «Rosgosstrakh» JSC in the Mari El Republic
  2. Federal State Institution «Center of engineering and technical support of Department» of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Mari El Republic
  3. «Avtograf» JSC
  4. Mari Regional Center for Advanced Education and Professional Retraining of personnel

Department of the Federal Migration Service for the Mari El Republic

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