Applied Informatics: Information systems in administration

Applied Informatics: Information systems in administration


Specialization (degree program): Information systems in administration

Qualification (academic degree) – Bachelor

Mode and duration of study:

Full-time – 4 years.

Extramural – 5 years. There is an opportunity of extension training based on higher education and subject-specific secondary vocational education.


Entrance examinations:

high school graduates – on the results of the USE (mathematics, Russian, informatics and ICT)

technical or vocational school graduates – on the testing results

university graduates – subject-specific test or interview


This is one of the most perspective and demanded branches. Specialist in applied informatics is an analyst, developer, economist, organizer and manager in the sphere of information technologies. The main function of such expert is creation and implementation of profession-oriented information systems in economy. He/she is able to analyze economic processes of the enterprise, to make mathematical and structural models of economic processes, to competently formulate and set the task of informatization of economic processes, to prepare a conceptual design of information system, to implement its project, to operate, maintain and modernize information systems at various levels of the enterprise.


Bachelor in Applied Informatics ought to know:

  • problems of the subject field and methods of their solution;
  • markets of information resources and features of their use;
  • principles of ensuring information security;
  • technologies of adapting profession-oriented information systems;
  • requirements to reliability and efficiency of information systems in the field of application;
  • prospects of development of information technologies and information systems in subject field, their interrelation with related fields;
  • methods of scientific research on theory, technology of development and operation of profession-oriented information systems;
  • information systems in related subject fields;
  • basic principles of organizing intellectual information systems;
  • network Economics.


Bachelor in Applied Informatics ought to know to do the following:

  • to implement informatics methods in subject domain of economics, statistics, information systems and mathematical methods in economy.
  • to develop opportunities and to adapt profession-oriented information systems at all stages of their life cycle;
  • to optimize information processes of information processing;
  • to solve problems of unifying profession-oriented software and dataware of subject domain;
  • to use international information resources and to solve problems arising in the course of their use.


Professional activities include:

  • enterprises and information services offices of any level;
  • departments of marketing and financial analysis, accounts department, planning bureaus, departments of automated processing of economic information of state, commercial, private enterprises and organizations, banks, investment companies, transport organizations, financial and industrial groups;
  • computer centers, design institutes, bureaus and laboratories connected with informatization of economic processes.


Training places of students on the degree programs «Applied Informatics»

  1. Branch of «Rosgosstrakh» JSC in the Mari El Republic
  2. Federal State Institution «Center of engineering and technical support of Department» of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Mari El Republic
  3. «Avtograf» JSC
  4. Mari Regional Center for Advanced Education and Professional Retraining of personnel
  5. Department of the Federal Migration Service for the Mari El Republic


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